Painting ServicesAttention to detail
and total
color control.

From exterior painting services to interior painting services, we are a full-service outfit. Our team has a long history of detailed painting projects that involve those very hard to reach areas and those large expansive walls of pigment. Nothing gives a space a new feeling and energy better than a fresh coat of paint. Our design team can work with you to select a paint schedule for any single room or series of rooms, and naturally the outside facade of your building.

Style, coverage and beautifully clean lines are all perfectly considered in every painting project we put our brushes on.

Planning & Set Up Phase

First Consultation
An on-site visit and walkthrough of your existing spaces, as well as a site down review of ideas, color palettes, budget and expectations.

Deposits and Paint Scheduling
We price and purchase whatever materials are needed for the project and work with you to build the ultimate schedule of painting supply requirements.

Set Up
The set up of a painted space is probably more important than the actual setting of color. From taping to the drop cloth preparation, our well routined set up phase ensures that your painting project does not disturb your existing flooring or furniture. With proper preparations, the paint falls into place quickly and accurately.

Painting & Clean Up Phase

Paints and Ladders
In this step, our crew is on the job pushing color and dialing in the exact color placement from the original schedule plan. No surprises and no problems, like a well-oiled machine pushing daily until the entire project is done and approved.

Milestone Walkthroughs
Depending on the job, big or small, we’ll be looking to get your eyes and approvals on each stage of design and construction. At this time, there may be schedule deposits or deliveries as we align all of the parts and pieces.
Once we’re on site, you’ll get to see your dream unfold and watch as we complete piece by piece until it’s yours to enjoy.

Cleanup and Final Walkthrough
When we’re done, you won’t even know we were there. White glove final delivery and walkthrough of your space to confirm it’s to your satisfaction and approval. In some cases, a final remainder deposit may exchange in this final phase.

Ready To Get Started?

Let’s design together

We love the process of design, from collecting ideas, sourcing materials, textures, fixtures and details, to the handoff toward construction. Your tastes and individual style should always play a role in how your home looks, the hardest part of doing it alone is pining it all down and getting it done. That’s where we come in with our personalized design service and quality assurance, before, during and after construction. Let us do the design work while you ride along and steer the course of action and approvals.

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