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The journey through our homes and daily use and maintenance of our homes flooring is often overlooked until you decide you want to reconsider or revive your hardwood flooring. Those chips and scratches and missing boards are often a very first step in the work to revive your existing hardwood floors. Once the surfaces are even and tightly secured, we can refinish and resurface your hardwood floors to their original luster, or new custom staining.

Installing a new hardwood floor can also be the perfect renovation to any space that is either mismatched or only carpeted. The endurance and lasting beauty of hardwood floors will add value and function to your home.

Planning & Set Up Phase

First Consultation
An on-site visit to your space to determine existing conditions, sit down and review ideas, materials, budget, and expectations.

Pricing, Man-hours and Material Line Up
Once you have a dream, now we line that dream up with a budget. Once we all see the range of costs with various materials, we can then work hand in hand to decide where to best spend the budget and what is essential or nice to have. This phase is very important and helps our team and your household determine exactly what you might be taking on.

Deposits and Materials Scheduling
Whether we are just repairing and resurfacing the existing floors or starting from the plywood, it’s in this step that we align the end ideas with the budget and first step of construction.

Installation & Walkthrough Phase

Set Up
The removal of furniture, ventilation and dust control preparations are arranged and handled with care. An open floor space will ensure our carpenters can work expeditiously.

Cutting, installing and repairing your hardwood floors are all handled in this heavy-weight round of construction. The application of epoxy, resins, stains, and varnishes, as well as proper ventilation for curing, are all handled in this main phase of construction.

Cleanup and White Glove Walkthrough
With the dust removed and all traces of our equipment back in our trucks, we get to do that one last walkthrough with you by our side. This final reveal is the most exciting part of a finished flooring project, nothing says “New Space” like a totally reworked floor span.

Ready To Get Started?

Let’s design together

We love the process of design, from collecting ideas, sourcing materials, textures, fixtures and details, to the handoff toward construction. Your tastes and individual style should always play a role in how your home looks, the hardest part of doing it alone is pining it all down and getting it done. That’s where we come in with our personalized design service and quality assurance, before, during and after construction. Let us do the design work while you ride along and steer the course of action and approvals.

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