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time period,
texture and tone.

Before any screw is turned or board is cut, the design idea and style plan must be in place and apart of the first steps in any construction process. Our company features in-house interior design consultation services where we address all of these very important considerations from the very beginning.

With a designer next to you, you can choose a theme and style for your space that fits your needs, personality, and budget. In this pre-construction design phase, you get to put your budget to work exactly where you want it to, before you start buying any materials and putting persons to work. No two designs are exactly the same, however all homes share so many similarities and so chances are, the style you want is something we’ve done already, or can accomplish easily with the right references.

Planning & Design Phase

First Consultation
On-site meeting and sit down to review ideas, budget, materials, and existing conditions.
Agreement on terms of service and contract signatures to begin designing.

Consultation Deposits, Pricing, Materials and Schedule For Construction
This is where we first get to work. An overview round of costs, material considerations and steps in construction are all considered in this first round of real designing.
Here is where our talented staff will work with you to control the style and budget in one. Schedule of material ordering, and construction phases and planning down to the finite detail are all handled over a handful of remote meetings and face to face visits.

Project Scheduling
The paint schedule, material schedule, timetable, pricing, placement and permitting are all among the final documentation we’ll produce for each of our interior design projects. Because we offer in-house design, your designer will be with you at every step of the construction process. From initial deliveries to set up, to construction and milestone walkthrough, you’ll have your design in your pocket to help you make sure the project is on time, on budget and in line with the detailed schedules already laid down in your interior design plan.

Quality Assurance

Follow Up and Final Handoff
Once a job is done, we’ll do a final walkthrough to ensure the design and details were all approved and handled with care and quality. This final quality assurance with your designer marks the completion of at least this one particular project or series of projects. We’ll be only a phone call away if you decide to reconsider or revisit any other area of your home.

Ready To Get Started?

Let’s design together

We love the process of design, from collecting ideas, sourcing materials, textures, fixtures and details, to the handoff toward construction. Your tastes and individual style should always play a role in how your home looks, the hardest part of doing it alone is pining it all down and getting it done. That’s where we come in with our personalized design service and quality assurance, before, during and after construction. Let us do the design work while you ride along and steer the course of action and approvals.

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