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Just about every kitchen remodeling conversation starts with the discussion of cabinets. The need for storage in your kitchen is never overlooked when we start a kitchen remodeling project.

The cabinets in many kitchens are often in very fine condition, if this is the case with your kitchen, then a resurfacing option might be just right. Buying new cabinets and fitting them into your existing space is a project that involves both design and material selection. Both costly and time-consuming parts of a total redesign.

To save funds for other projects and still breath a new energy into your kitchen, then consider just resurfacing your existing kitchen cabinetry.

Planning & Set Up Phase

First Consultation
An on-site visit or review of photography for your existing cabinetry. Then a sit down to review ideas, colors, hardware, budget and expectations.

Deposits and Materials Scheduling
Depending on the design idea, we start the process of material ordering and preparations. Hardware hinges, knobs, lighting, and plumbing considerations are all addressed in this first phase.

Doors and Boxes
Our team does their thing working on site to refinish and reinstall the doors and boxes depending on the specifications of the project. In this phase we make sure our new hardware or existing hardware are on hand and ready to go.

Installation & Walk Through Phase

Reinstall and Cleanup
If the cabinets came down, it’s then at this stage they go back up, along with the carefully selected and reinstalled hardware to mount them on the wall or back together. Post installation, we scour the space to ultra cleanliness and final handoff.

Milestone Walkthroughs
Depending on the job, big or small, we’ll be looking to get your eyes and approvals on each stage of design and construction. At this time, there may be schedule deposits or deliveries as we align all of the parts and pieces.
Once we’re on site, you’ll get to see your dream unfold and watch as we complete piece by piece until it’s yours to enjoy.

Final Walkthrough and Remainder Deposits
Once again, you get the final walkthrough and approval on our service end delivery. Your satisfaction matters so much to us, it’s in this phase when any final installment payments are rendered along with a quality assurance that your project was done on time, on budget and with your final mark of approval.

Ready To Get Started?

Let’s design together

We love the process of design, from collecting ideas, sourcing materials, textures, fixtures and details, to the handoff toward construction. Your tastes and individual style should always play a role in how your home looks, the hardest part of doing it alone is pining it all down and getting it done. That’s where we come in with our personalized design service and quality assurance, before, during and after construction. Let us do the design work while you ride along and steer the course of action and approvals.

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