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Every renovation project is unique, but also share so many similarities like materials, high functionality, aesthetic, and budget control. We work alongside our customers to delivery both custom built and custom designed home environments. Lasting construction and enduring craftsmanship are the hallmarks of our end delivery. The process to build your dream is something we know very well.

Planning Phase

First Consultation
An on-site visit and walkthrough of your existing space, as well as a sit down to review ideas, budget, expectations, turn around time, and so much more. We get to know you, and you get to learn how we work, and why we strive for nothing less than the best relationship and delivery.

Pricing, Man-hours and Material Line Up
Once you have a dream, now we line that dream up with a budget. Once we all see the range of costs with various materials, we can then work hand in hand to decide where to best spend the budget and what is essential or nice to have. This phase is very important and helps our team and your household determine exactly what you might be taking on.

Contract Lockdown Plan of Action
in the previous phase, the materials and costs should have been just about summed up. There is always unknown issues that could arise, from previous contractor errors, or age-related building issues.  Those what-ifs aside, it’s at this phase that we lockdown a contract and put money in motion.

Working Phase

Delivery Dates, and Project Planning
The scheduling of deliverables and arrangement of boots on the ground are all addressed as soon as we know the full scope of work. It’s at this time that holidays, backorders and permitting timing (if any) are organized and planned. Once you put our machine in motion, we work tirelessly to complete the job according to plan and timeframe. Of course, some flexibility on our part and yours will come with any good plan. We’ll be in constant communications with hands on the job at all times.

Milestone Walkthroughs
Depending on the job, big or small, we’ll be looking to get your eyes and approvals on each stage of design and construction. At this time, there may be schedule deposits or deliveries as we align all of the parts and pieces.
Once we’re on site, you’ll get to see your dream unfold and watch as we complete piece by piece until it’s yours to enjoy.

Final Walkthrough and Remainder Deposits.
Depending on the arrangement, that final walk through may also include any remainder deposits, or just a joyful handshake as a sign of approval. There is nothing we like more than finishing a job and capturing a few images to showcase how wonderful it all came out. We do a white glove walkthrough and also offer a post construction design consultation for customers looking to detail their environment even further. Ask about our design services.

Ready To Get Started?

Let’s design together

We love the process of design, from collecting ideas, sourcing materials, textures, fixtures and details, to the handoff toward construction. Your tastes and individual style should always play a role in how your home looks, the hardest part of doing it alone is pining it all down and getting it done. That’s where we come in with our personalized design service and quality assurance, before, during and after construction. Let us do the design work while you ride along and steer the course of action and approvals.

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